Great! so you wanna know more about me.

Hello! My name is Shabbir Hossain. Born in Bangladesh, living in the Netherlands. By profession, I am a UX designer. I always work and believe in design sprint, user research, design system, and visual design for product design.

My approach to product designing is simple: make it easy and seamless as possible. Understand the user's goal and find ways to deliver a memorable experience with as little friction as possible. Currently, working full time as a Senior UX Designer at HousingAnywhere, where I have been designing and building a functional Design System for their platform.


My goal is to become a Product Strategist.

Design process

Design sprint

I always like to run Design Sprint at the beginning of any projects. It helps to validate the design in the early stage before it fails in the long run.

Design Sprint

Usual process

Back in the days, I used to follow the following UX process for any projects. I do not use it anymore as this process is too expensive in terms of time and money.

UX process

Latest activities