Niflr mobile application

They are developing Manless, self checkout Retail stores with focus on Grocery as starting category. To support these retail stores, they will develop state of art Supply chain with Warehouses. Niflr is targeting their stores at every 2-5 kms to have closer presence to customers as well as to have efficient supply chain for online delivery. To support the stores, they were in need to have a web and mobile store.

They had a plan and also had an rough wireframe of their product. I took the control from there and here is the result.

Business goals

Client’s main goal was to develop such a product which will be easy to use, user friendly interaction and slick look and feel. They want user to download their app, install it and use it smoothly without thinking a bit.

Focus points

  • True Omni channel platform with online and offline stores to support.
  • Single app for online and offline stores.
  • Family wallet where all family members can buy from their app and their monthly buying is calculated and cash back is provided
  • Free registration
  • Search products
  • Product categories
  • Promotion
  • Inbox/Notification
  • User profile
  • Scan QR Code
  • Set Location
  • Order detail
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment gateway

Competitor analysis

Currently Niflr has many competitors in Indian market. But not most of them are successful. Top 7 most successful companies are below and “Big Basket” is the most successful company from all them:

Target audience

Generally, Niflr targets all the people in India who has smart phones with internet connections. However based on research Niflr should have a category list which is like below:

  • Students: Generally stying on hostel and as paying guest
  • Family: Newly couple, couple with a child, big family
  • Corporate and professional: Single or couple and both are working
  • Others: Event planners, societies, co-operatives, groups

Old app screens

Identifying problems in current screens

According to the current app screens and its interaction, I am trying to figure out what are the problems user will face during the app use.

  • First of all UI of the screens are not professionally done.
  • Interaction of the app is not user friendly.
  • Bottom navigation icons doesn’t show a proper meaning of the feature.
  • The top promotion slider takes almost 25% of the screen which is very costly for mobile screen.
  • Currently delivery process/system is not available on the main screen. People wants to know how fast it is!
  • Individual item page doesn’t have enough data about the product.
  • There is no filter option in search screen.
  • There is no option for notification/message.
  • Location setting page is a manual process.
  • Wallet feature is not that clear in the app.
  • Feature for online and offline store are not clear enough for the users.

Probable solutions

After research on competitors apps and their features, here are some solutions that Niflr should consider for their app.

  • Good looking product identity/logo.
  • User friendly user interaction
  • Professional looking UI all over the app.
  • Meaningful navigation icons.
  • Search result screen should have filter option.
  • Top product slider should have simple and clean so that other options underneath don’t distracted.
  • Some how show how fast your delivery process is!
  • Add notification option somewhere in the screen.
  • Put more content and image for individual product/item.
  • Show somehow an user use your online or offline store option.
  • Tell people how an user can add his/her family member easily in to the wallet.
  • Add map feature in the location setting page.
  • Contact with support/help option should be more organized for the user.
  • Checkout and payment process should be more user friendly.


Final visual screens